The POC (Part 2 – The Server)

The weapon of choice was LAMP Stack on a docker image, just downloaded it, started it and installed also docker for the mac.

Having MySql allowed me to create the database for storing the information, in the database I created two users, one with select permissions and the other with insert permissions, one for viewing the info on a webpage and the other to insert the incoming info from the board.

The model has two tables, one that stores each value into a column of a table and the other that stores the raw info received from the board for troubleshoot purposes.

Once the model was tested it was time to build the site that was going to be entry point for the board to send the info to the database

I created a .php page that received the info from the board as a json, decoded the info and inserted it into the database, I tested it with the «curl» command with an output I got from the serial monitor of the board, the result, the records were inserted in the database, with that step checked, the next step is the wifi.

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